The new education policy is a great vision to change the educational landscape in this country and it vitalizes education by ensuring that ECCE becomes the starting point of education for all children. The new education policy proposes a new education structure of 5+3+3+4, brings early education within the ambit of formal education. As special attention and priority would be given to districts and locations that are particularly socio-economically disadvantaged, learning gaps due to the pandemic can be breached with timely interventions. 

The NEP has also proposed strengthening of the Anganwadis and other early learning centers to deliver ECCE at the grassroots level. This along with the goal of a national curriculum framework for ECCE would provide every child with opportunity of uniform and higher standards of early education in every state. Another welcome initiative is the National Foundation of Literacy and Numeracy Mission. 

For attaining the goal of foundational literacy and numeracy for all children will come by 2025 the government is likely to announce various measures and increase investments to strengthen early learning.